Tips to choose the best PBN hosting company? 

The PBN is a collection of high authority websites that are used to build the backlinks to the money sites. Receiving the backlinks from the authoritative sites is a strong ranking signal to the search engine sites, thus in this way, PBN hosting could serve as the best option for hosting your sites. It is especially strong since the user can control the content of the sites and also how and when to introduce the links.

Create a plan for the PBN content:

The newly acquired private blog network site has the backlinks for making the site powerful and also you must ensure that you do not deviate much from the original content of the site. There are two major user cases here and they are:

  • Keeping the niche of the site
  • Re-theming the site

Note that you treat the content on the PBN domains as the same as the money sites:

  • High quality text content that provides value to the reader.
  • Relevant content in the site based on the previous content

Generally, you can have the static contents for 5 pages, totaling 1750 words including all the images as well as Meta tags. You can differently split up the word count over the 5 pages in order to keep the footprints lower on the applications, modules and configurations like just it is needed.

What metrics should be looked for in a domain?

The algorithms of the search engines will always change, but however, the core of the algorithm will remain the same, which is the search engine always wants to provide the right data and information to the right search query. The following metrics can be looked for in a domain:

  • Domain authority or DA – to measure the authoritative nature of the entire domain and look for DA as 18+.
  • Page authority or PA – this is influenced by the domain authority of a domain in order to measure the authoritative nature of the pages, by looking at the page links. You can look for the page authority with 13+.
  • Citation flow or CF – to measure how powerful the links are actually and it can be 15+.
  • Trust flow or TF – to know how trustworthy as well as how much authority the website links have.

The best PBN hosting plan must include the following:

  • Unique IP’s for all the sites
  • A good SEO domain
  • Quality content
  • A good performing web hosting

With these above plans, the site can be made to be found on the first page of the search engine results. The PBN hosting as a part of the SEO strategy is a very good key tool for giving the backlink power that the sites are needed.

Neo PBN site serves the footprints free and the best PBN hosting from various hosting providers at very low cost and they also provide the customized solutions for their clients. The major highlights of their services are high performance, fully redundant, and secure infrastructure.



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